Executive Summary

Working Title: Aeorn Racers

IP / License: this is a new IP


Marketing Description

Aeorn Racers is a light-hearted third-person combat kart-racer with light role-playing game elements, set in a fantastic world full of fantasy creatures and insane racing obstacles.


High Concept

A fantasy world blending elements of popular fairtales and myths where Djinn ride on the backs of Dragons, and the Gingerbreadman races on a witch's broom. Players must cross the finish line first and can switch at-will between how they get there: drive, fly, or run.


Hook / Unique Selling Points

  1. Race the track with any combination of driver and vehicle / steed, each granting different bonuses
  2. Collect whimsical weapons and equipment to stall other racers
  3. Freely switch between driving, running or flying
  4. Level up your driver to unlock abilities
  5. Upgade your vehicle / train your steed to improve performance
  6. Master your magic to fly futher and higher
  7. Unlock alternate characters, outfits, vehicles / steeds, weapons, and power-ups


Target Market: age 12-16 females interested in fantasy sci-fi, and kart-racing games

Projected Rating: E10+ for Everyone 10 and up


  1. Fantasy Violence


Hardware: Current versions of Playstation, XBox, Wii


Key Features

  1. Choose a driver, pick your cart, charge your magic and race to become the Champion of Luck
  2. Race against creatures from various fantastic realms
  3. Win races to improve your driver's skill
  4. Earn money to improve, upgrade, or train your ride / steed
  5. Unlockable tracks and race options 


Game Description

It's opening season, day 1, of the annual Luck Championship, and this year, is YOUR year. Race your way to the semi-finals by beating the other racers any way you can drive, run, or fly over that finish line. Make it to the final race and take on the reigning Champion of Luck. Win that race, and YOU are the Champion of Luck for the coming year!