Appointment Mechanic (Farmville-style)

Standard Plant/Grow/Harvest crop appointment mechanic. Grow crystals and harvest them. After "watering " crops, there is a growth period where no interaction is possible. After the growth period, there is a wilting period where the crops need "water, " which requires player interaction. Immediate income when crops are harvested.

Building construction requires the character's presence to progress. Moving the character away from the construction site will halt construction. Progress resumes when the character is moved back to the site. Continuous income is adjusted as buildings are completed.

Click to move character
Click "money" display to open purchase menu
Click item to purchase, then click a place on the ground
Click crystals ("crops") to tend them and prevent them from exploding.
Crystal turn pink when they are about to explode
Stand on buildings to enable construction progress
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Requires the original Unity Web Player, which only works in Firefox (sorry)