Inventory System

Simple items have base attributes and bonus attributes, e.g., +10 Power. Container items (backpacks, bags, etc) display cumulative cost and weight stats based on their contents. Extensible items (items with attachments) display cumulative stats (and non-standard stats) based on attached items, e.g., an accuracy bonus from an attached laser sight will improve the accuracy of a weapon. Socketable items (Diablo-esque weapons can have runes/gems inserted) display cumulative stats and extra damage types and effects such as "adds 3 Electricity Damage to the weapon " (damage ranges such as "3-8 " are also supported). Scrollable content display enables player to view contents of any item.
Click items to view their attributes and summary information
Click "Open" and "Close" to navigate into an item and examine its contents
Click the filter buttons to show/hide different items
Click "Gen" to generate a new random collection of items
Unity Web Player. Install now!
Requires the original Unity Web Player, which only works in Firefox (sorry)
This demo is fully functional as is, however the inventory window extends slightly out of the view port because I never intended it to be embedded in a web page.