I originally built this game as a stand-alone application running at a fixed size, which is why the title screen does not scale well. This is a arcade-style shooter, with influences from Galaga, Raiden, 1942, Centipede, and other 1980's era classic action games. There are 6 worlds (levels), starting from "planet surface" and moving through, "high altitude", "space, "deep space", "close to a star", and finally ending "alien planet". Each level has 10-20 waves, and a multi-stage boss at the end. Completing the alien planet level returns the player to the first world. The player retains all accumulated power-ups, and the enemies continue to scale in difficulty.
Move mouse to control fighter
Z key rolls fighter (temporary invulnerability)
X key activates a limited-use shield
C key fires a heavy laser, using energy from the store on the right
V key fires a massive wave, using energy from the store on the right
Collect power-ups (avoid the "Shield" one, it's weak sauce)
H key toggles guns and missiles -- forward guns & homing missiles vs spread guns and unguided heavy rockets
M key toggles mouse/keyboard maneuver control (WASD to move in keyboard mode)
Left-click to deactivate weapons (this shouldn't even be an option)
P key to pause
Q key to quit and return to main menu
Sound can be deactivate only from the title screen, which is not visible here (sorry)
Requires the original Unity Web Player, which only works in Firefox (sorry)
The title screen on this game doesn't scale nicely, but the "play" button is still visible, so click it to play.