Executive Summary

Working TitleSteampunk Platformer

IP / License: this is a new IP


Marketing Description

Imagine "Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons," set in a steampunk future where the main antagonists are giant steam-powered cybernetic insects that the [hero] must drain of their steam in order to defeat them. The player can customize his character's abilities as well as choose weapons and equipment, so each time he plays the game, it's different.


High Concept

Whimsical third-person platformer action/puzzle game set on remote refueling planet infested with giant cybernetic insects and malfunctioning machinery.


Hook / Unique Selling Points

Imagine letting the air out a balloon as a kid. Now pretend it's steam. And it's not a balloon, its a giant robot insect. And each time you let the air out, its a different kind of balloon. And sometimes you pop it. Sometimes, you let the air out slow. Sometimes you just let it go and it flies away... And the whole time, you look AMAZING!


Target Market: age 10-14 males interested in steam-punk, and platformer games

Projected Rating: E10+ for Everyone

  1. Fantasy Violence


Hardware: Mid-range PC and laptops running web browsers


Key Features

  1. Choose your weapon! Use the Dessication Rifle to rob menacing cybernetic insects of their steam. Use the Stun Hammer to immobilize dangerous machinery.
  2. Pick the right tool for the job! Use various strange tools that grant special abilities to help navigate the world and defeat the cyber bugs.
  3. Customize everything from your character's clothing, to his visual style and special abilities.
  4. Dynamically created enemies from subcomponents, so you never face the exact same creature twice.
  5. Dynamically created levels, so there is a new map every time you play.


Game Description

After making an emergency stop on a remote planet to refuel, [hero] discovers something strange going on. Where are the people? Where are the robots that run the fuel depot? Why are there giant steam powered insects everywhere? Run, Shoot, Jump and Dodge your way through 6 amazing settings. Level up, find and repair amazing weapons and equipment, and ultimately get the fuel pump running so [hero] can escape.