Executive Summary

Working Title: Auto Empires

IP / License: this is a new IP


Marketing Description

Auto Empires is a casual card game for 2-4 players where players design automobiles, put them into production, and inflict calameties upon their opponents all in an effort to dominate the automotive market.


High Concept

Players collect cards to create a "design," which they then put into production to generate income. Players can attack each other with various "chance" type cards.


Hook / Unique Selling Points

  1. Create a variety of interesting vehicles from different plans
  2. Use event cards to attack your opponent, causing production losses, strikes, bad reviews and vehicle recalls
  3. Use event cards to block your opponent's attacks, preventing the loss of critical design data from your servers, keeping out industrial spys, and keeping that hotshot engineer working for YOU


Target Market: age 15-17 males interested in cars and motorcycles, card games

Projected Rating: E for Everyone

Hardware: Physical card deck of about 120 cards, about 50% larger than typical playing cards


Key Features

  1. Decide which designs to develop or abandon
  2. Block your opponent from key resources such as vehicle designs and engineers
  3. Put designs into production to generate income, or end production to free up resources 


Game Description

The automotive industry is in turmoil and it is up to you to rise above it all and establish your company as the dominant automotive producer in the country.