Executive Summary

Working Title: Chop Rescue

IP / License: this is a new IP


Marketing Description

Semi-serious side-scrolling platformer-style action game set in a modern day Earth during various emergency situations featuring crazy rescue situations and dangerous envrionments.


High Concept

Pilot a helicopter against the challenges of nature and the perils of hazardous terrain to save people without becoming in need of saving, yourself.


Hook / Unique Selling Points

  1. Rescue victims from sinking ships, from the sides of collapsing cliffs, even from burning buildings
  2. Multiple weather effects to challenge player skill
  3. "Infinite Rescue" option allows players to play in a never ending continuous mode


Target Market: age 18-24 males interested in action, side-scrolling, non-violent casual games

Projected Rating: E10+ for Everyone

  1. Depictions of catastrophes
  2. Depictions of death at a distance


Hardware: Android, IOS, Windows Phone


Key Features

  1. Multiple challenges, from wind and storms, to lightning and avalanches
  2. Rescue stationary, moving and injured victims
  3. Avoid flying debris, birds, falling rocks
  4. Deal with gusting wind, rain, snow, hail, lightning
  5. Simple progression system


Game Description

Take charge of the rescue team's chopper and save lives! Pilot your rescue chopper through thunderstorms, around mountains and dodge tornadoes to rescue people in distress. Rescue people and return to base before your fuel runs out.